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Alliance Team

Post by Rovz on Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:36 pm

This is the specification an Agency must Meet before Requesting Alliance:

1) Agency Must have 1000+ members in the Main badge. (This may be negotiated due to the agencies progress)
2) Agency Must Have a running HQ - The agency must have a agency that is fully running and shouldn't have 0 population multiple times a day.
3) Agency must have an VIP/Alliance badge.
4) Agency must not be facing national punishment and should have the common interests towards national punishment.

National Punishment:
National Punishment comes into effect when a member of the [MRD] commits a act of sabotage. If that person is already apart of the [MRD] - we would ask that our allies do not hire them. If they are already employed at your agency, we will ask for you to fire them. We will extend the same gesture to your agency as well

Terms and Conditions:
Section IV

Alliance of [MRD] must not hire any one facing the national punishment as this may compromise alliance unless that person is removed from the allied agency.

Conflict between each may be resolved in the MRD supreme court however if the owners of both agencies wish to end the alliance the alliance will be terminated. Also if Alliance is terminated due to the breach of MRD alliance terms of conditions [MRD] May put the agency on the national Punishment.

Alliance extra's:
If an Allie as conflict between an member of [MRD] negatively we will instantly fire that person unless the Agency owner or a supreme commander of the agency say's so otherwise.

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