Rank List (PRICE)

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Rank List (PRICE)

Post by Rovz on Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:36 pm

Buy ranks only from: Rovz & -Dracula


Officer III
Officer II
Officer I
Field Officer III
Field Officer II
Field Officer I
Open Source Officer
Advanced Officer III
Advanced Officer II
Advanced Officer I
Linguistic Analyst
Information Technology Security Analyst III
Information Technology Security Analyst II
Information Technology Security Analyst I
Intelligent Helper

Security :-

Trial Security
Security Officer III [15c]
Security Officer II *
Security Officer I [16c]
Security Consultant III [17c]
Security Consultant II *
Security Consultant I *
Security Generalist III [18c]
Security Generalist II  *
Security Generalist I *
Lever Operator III [19c]
Lever Operator II *
Lever Operator I *
Global Security Controller III [21c]
Global Security Controller II *
Global Security Controller I [22c]
Assistant Chief Security Operator [Assistan C. Sec. Operator] [23c
Chief Security Operator [24c]


Trial Trainer
Trainer III [25c]
Trainer II *
Trainer I [26c]
Corporate Trainer III [27c]
Corporate Trainer II *
Corporate Trainer I [28c]
Instructor III [29c]
Instructor II *
Instructor I [30c]
Instructor Specialist [31c]
Training Consultant [32c]
Junior Trainer [33c]
Senior Trainer [34c]
Trainer's Supervisor [35c]
Academic Director [36c]

Legal Compliance Unit:-

Trial LCU
Novice Guider III [38c]
Novice Guider II *
Novice Guider I [39c]
Legal Guider III [40c]
Legal Guider II *
Legal Guider I [41c]
Intelligent Asset [42c]
Corporate Assistant of RSO [43c]
Corporate Assistant of Training [44c]
Counselor [45c]
Chief Assistant [46c]
Compliance Assurance III [47c]
Compliance Assurance II *
Compliance Assurance I [48c]
Chief Guider [49c]
Main Representative of High Ranks *

High Ranks/ Leaders
Trial HR
Special Agent [50c]
Special Agent In Charge [51c]
Staff Operations Specialist [52c]
Intelligence Analyst [53c]
Chief Analyst [54c]
Forensic Examiner [55c]
Secretary of Internal Affairs [56c]
Secretary of National Defence [57c]
Secretary of Public Safety [58c]
Head Secretary [59c]
Specialist Manager [60c]
Operations Manager [61c]
HQ Manager III [62c]
HQ Manager II *
HQ Manager I *
Manager [63c]
Junior Manager [64c]
Senior Manager [65c]
Executive Manager [66c]
Assistant Head Manager [67c]
Deputy Head Manager [68c]
Head Manager [69c]
Lector Officer [70c]
Junior Consultant [71c]
Senior Consultant [72c]
Division Chief [73c]
Section Chief [74c]
Executive Chief [75c]
Deputy Director of Communications [76c]
Director of Communications [77c]
Associated Lector [78c]
Main Lector [79c]
Chief Lector [80c]
High Rank Supervisor [81c]
High Rank administrator (High Rank @dmin ) [84c]
Junior High Rank*
Senior High Rank*

Professional Staff :-

Trial PS
Finance Associate [85c]
@dmin Analyst [86c]
Management Specialist [87c]
IT Specialist [88c]
Evidence Technician [89c]
Legal @dmin Specialist [90c]
Telecommunications Specialist [91c]
Staff Specialist [92c]
Security Intelligence At Base [93c]
Professional Staff Overseer *
Professional Consultant [94c]

Special Detective Unit :-

Trial SDU
Inspector Trainee [100c]
Main Inspector [102c]
Detective Officer III [104c]
Detective Officer II [106c]
Detective Officer I [108c]
Patrol Officer [110c]
Assistant Chief Detective [112c]
Professional Special Detective [114c]
Junior Detective Officer [116c]
Senior Detective Officer [118c]
Crime Outlook [120c]
Deputy Chief Detective [122c]
Chief Detective [130c]

Top Management :-

Trial SLC
Solicitor of SLC [150c]
SLC Security Correspondent [152c]
SLC Consultant [154c]
SLC Training Correspondent [156c]
SLC Transportation Correspondent [158c]
SLC Treasury Correspondent [160c]
SLC Defence Correspondent [162c]
SLC Presidential Correspondent [164c]
SLC Comm. Correspondent [166c]
Advisor To SLC [168c]
SLC Law Correspondent [170c]
SLC Legislative Officer [172c]
Assistant Head Senior Leader [174c]
Associated Head Senior Leader [176c]
Deputy Head Senior Leader [178c]
Head Senior Leader [190c]

Executive Officer :-
Rank can't be same like the other's
1 rank = 2player only
Each Rank 250c

Trial Executive Officer  
Chief Intelligence Officer *
Chief Risk Officer *
Chief Legal Officer *
Chief Financial Officer *
Chief Operations Officer *
Chief Executive Officer *

Board Of Directors :- (This rank can't be purchased)

Trial BOD
Security Department Associated Director
Rules and Regulations Department Associated Director
Training Department Associated Director
Legal Compliance Unit Associated Director
High Rank Unit Associated Director
Special Detective Unit Associated Director
Assistant Corporate Director
Corporate Director
Assistant Director Consultant
Director Consultant

Office Of Administration
(this rank can't be purchased)

Trial OOA
Information Collector
OOA Public Relations Officer (Pub. Relat. off.)
OOA Publicy Advisor
OOA Special Advisor
OOA Secretary
OOA Treasurer
OOA Main Staff
Assistant Chief Director (Assistant C. Director)
Associated Chief Director (Assoc. C. Director)
Deputy Chief Director (Deputy C. Director)
Chief Director (C.Director)
Internal Affair's Overseer
Economic Balance Reviewer
Problems Highlighter
Officer Of Issues Special Treatment
Manager Of Issues Special Treatment
OOA's Assistant Head Manager
OOA's Associated Head Manager
OOA's Deputy Head Manager
OOA's Head Manager
Promotions Management Officer
Promotions Management Chief (Promo. Management C.)
Jr. Special Chief Manager Overseer
Sr. Special Chief Manager Overseer
Assistant Director Of Management
Deputy Director Of Management
Junior Director Of Management
Senior Director Of Management

Owner = Butshi
Ownership = Rovz
Ownership = -Dracula

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